Tuesday, April 30, 2013

another made over Oldie............

                                                                   Magical Waterfall II
Sabine Miner
Encaustic on board
$10 for US Shipping

Monday, April 29, 2013

Garden Path II


Garden Path II
Sabine Miner
12x12 Encaustic on Canvas


Friday, April 19, 2013

Studio Sabine: The Story of "Old Ugly"

Studio Sabine: The Story of "Old Ugly": Salmon and Jazz Event at Philomath Boy Scout lodge april 20th 2013 - "don't you want to donate a painting to the Philomath Rotar...

The Story of "Old Ugly"

Salmon and Jazz Event at Philomath Boy Scout lodge april 20th 2013 -

"don't you want to donate a painting to the Philomath Rotary auction event?"
 my hubby greeted me this morning ----
"what ? it's that time of year again?" ---
 so I scrambled around the studio ---
 I got some really nice paintings collecting......
 but I also have some... well not so wonderful ones - and what to do with them?
I lovingly call them "my Uglies" --------
So I picked one from a few years ago (it was beautiful then - in my eyes, anyway) --
but things always change, naturally I got better at what I am doing now - sooooo..............
I got out the little travel iron, retrieved the hotgun, turned on the heat lamp,
got plenty of papertowels and got to work
--- wax on - wax off......
that is what it is all about in the way I paint! ----
This Ugly was way to busy --- so I started wiping off -
the more I wiped, the better I liked it.....---
I got so excited about what was happening -
the painting evolved all by itself, really I am not kidding -
just a few more little touches with my trusty little travel iron and the painting spoke to me:
"stop, no more, I am done!"
wow I actually broke out into a nervous sweat..........
then it dawned on me - dangit, I should have taken a picture of old Ugly!!!!
too late now no one will ever know, but me! -----
So now old Ugly was one of my favorites....
too good to have auctioned off???? I wondered -
Heck no, I will just make another one...
and it will hopefully be as nice or even better!
 So I took the now New Beauty to my excercise class for critique ----
 Everyone loved my story and thought New Beauty was beautiful -
 My friends helped me title it: "A Magical Place"
 Then I took it to the Citizen Bank to the Auction commitee - lots of Ahhhs and Ohhs
 New Beauty got an honorable place at the receptionist's desk - at least for a few hours!
 I hope Old Ugly is living happily ever after..............in New Beauty's heart!
I hope "A Magical Place" will find a good home.....
 and hopefully make a few $$$ for Philomath Rotary Club........................ the end!??
Oh, can you see the sparkly gold leaf????